We are Ontario Subject Associations for Instructional Leaders or Program co-ordinators with responsibility for Social Studies, History and Geography (Grades 1-8) and Canadian and World Studies and Social Sciences and Humanities (Grades 9-12)


What we do:                        

  • advocate for engaging and relevant curriculum and programs
  • problem-solve issues relevant to school boards
  • provide support to consultants on the delivery of professional learning 
  • liaise with other provincial subject associations and stakeholders (education partners)
  • host bi-monthly face-to-face and virtual meetings

   Why you should join?: 

  • stay connected with Ministry of Education initiatives and events
  • stay up-to-date about fresh ideas, research, and resources
  • work regularly members of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Curriculum Forum
  • learn how other instructional leaders are supporting our curricular areas
  • network with provincial, national and international experts in the field
  • engage in professional dialogue and learning related to these curricular areas


                  Why should educational partners join?:

  • connect with school boards across the province
  • connect with teacher led subject associations
  • impact professional learning for teachers